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 Rules you must follow

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PostSubject: Rules you must follow   Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:51 pm

You must follow the following rules

Anime-Island Forums Rules

1. General
a. Do not ask for illegal content
b. Picture usage

2. Posting Rules
a. You must post at least ten characters and do not use a text size greater than 3
b. Limit the use of foul language
c. Do not post explicit material
d. Do not spam
e. Do not post multiple topics in a row
f. Do not bump topics
g. Do not post topics or replies with similar information
h. Do not abuse smilies
i. Do not post excessively long quotes
j. Do not troll
k. Do not make/use multiple accounts

3. PM Rules
a. All posting rules apply were applicable. Do not make or send chain PMs
b. Report PMs by forwarding the PM to a moderator, but make sure the subject is obvious

4. Administration Relations
a. Do not disrespect a mod, admin, or Op if action is taken against you
b. Talk to another mod if you want to contest another mod’s action
c. Do not mini-mod
d. Do not ask how to become a mod, admin, or Op

5. Bans
a. Do not evade bans
b. Do not give your account to a banned member
c. Do not rally for someone who’s been banned to be unbanned

6. Signature rules
a. Keep Pictures 200x200 or smaller
b. No more than three outside pictures
c. Give credit where it's do
d. No more than six outside links
e. No more than one banner that's 468x100
f. No signatures with caps purely, no text berating any person or any site or anything.
g. There is a maximum of FIVE colors
h. No large text (size 3 or below is fine, size 4 in small amounts is fine, nothing higher than that though)
i. No more than 8 smilies or Forum Avatars
j. No unnecessary stacking. All signatures must be under 420 pixels based on a resolution of 1024x768.
k. No horizontal stretching.
m. If you are unsure, CHECK FIRST

General Tips
1. Look and read the stickies on each sub-forum.
Most of the sub-forums have stuck topics which usually have rules (important), FAQs or other commonly used service, and topics that are popular. Make sure you look through each one of these before posting a new topic.If you have any questions please go here

2. Frequently check for forum announcements
Announcements are made occasionally to inform users of any events that are going on in the forum.

3. Proper Forum Etiquette
a. Use proper grammar when you can: This is a major plus. If you use proper English grammar, then it’s more likely that people will take you seriously. Using “netspeak” is not recommended, it also makes it harder for other people to understand you.

b. Be patient: Allow a reasonable amount of time for something to happen. If you’re posting a question, don’t expect an answer within five minutes. Do not post right after your post whining that nobody’s replied especially. This results in a spam, double post, and possible a bump infraction.

c. Use common sense: Remember, this is the internet. Make good judgment calls on what to take seriously, ask questions when you don’t understand what’s going on, and make sure to read posts so you’re not going into a topic blind. However, at the same token, don’t act stupid, don’t assume everyone is nice, and don’t act like this a perfect place.

5.Don't be scared of the moderators or the administrators to ask anything.

6.Please DO NOT post repititive topics.

~Please don't forget to make this forum a happy and a peaceful one.All you need is to follow the rules above.But the most important thing is to Enjoy this forum and keep this site rocking~
Take Care

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Rules you must follow
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